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"If you go in there and say that you killed Hanna  and it’s the truth, then so be it. But if you go in there and say that you killed her just because you don’t want to deal with this anymore or play the game or keep fighting the good fight, then you are a coward, Daniel."
"Which would you rather it be, sister?"

Sometimes we confuse feeling better with being well.

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Mrs. George with Janice and Damian #coolmom






this is funny

like really, really funny

You sly bugger. That took me a while.


Playful Haunted House Art Gallery

Haunted Play House is Torafu Architects’ creative exhibit designed especially for children to touch art while frolicking in and around the space. Featured in one of the galleries at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, the architectural installation—a giant, white cube set in the center with paintings hanging on its exterior walls—is built like a gallery space with components that resemble quirky and spooky elements found in a haunted funhouse.

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